The Art of Eddie The Yeti

Faces Of Defcon

Eddie The Yeti
by Mar - @spux 
Eddie The Yeti - A Short Bio
Artist - Hacker - Drawer of things on people and people on things.


  • Superpowers: Master of Ink, Wine, Lime Juice, Soy Sauce, Sharpie, and other 'Art Supplies'
  • Best Con Moment: Drawing on scantily clad ladies.
  • Personal Quote: Art supplies are cheaper than therapy
  • Favourite Con Event: Hosting some of the greatest minds and coolest people on earth in my booth.
  • Favourite Style of Art: Emotionally Evocative
  • Shell of Choice: Assimilation Routine number 778-34C
  • Involved Since: DEF CON 15
  • Current Residence: Colorado
  • DeviantArt Website:


When I first saw Eddie's amazing art I was immediately drawn to its uniqueness, creativity and beauty. He is truly an exceptional artist and the Faces of Defcon series were so awesome that I thought they deserved to be showcased on a dedicated website. It is truly unbelievable what he achieves using materials like lime juice, soy sauce, tea, coffee, acrylic, water and ink.

"Eddie achieves what touches human emotion to the core and his gifts are a shining light of eternal."
​- Dan Spitz, the lead guitarist of Anthrax.

I hope you enjoy these portraits as much as I did and please do not hesitate to contact Eddie for any additional information about his art. 

pilgrim - @sehnaoui